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oyakodon hack

(I’ll post a pic when I get a decent one.)

Oyakodon is a great Japanese comfort food dish. It is a cousin to katsudon, a dish which has saved my life on both coasts of the USA. 416 weitere Wörter


Beef Bone Ramen with Dashi

If there is one thing that is readily available where I live it is beef bones. Cut femurs to be boiled down into soup. I have yet to find a place to buy pork bones but I keep trying. 251 weitere Wörter


kakiage soba

It really is that good

To quote my daughter, my „Japanese kick is in full swing.“ Guilty, your honor. So I was youtubing Japanese soba shop videos… 984 weitere Wörter


Okra noodles with dashi and shisso

This dish came about because my friend Karen was growing okra in her backyard, and she gifted me with a ton of it when I hung out with her. 538 weitere Wörter


Gyudon 牛丼

Mmmmm. There is nothing like gyudon, particularly after a few drinks and on the way home…

This is a common Japanese fast food meal. There are many little 24 hour fast food outlets that sell this dish, along with others of course, but this one is relatively cheap. 245 weitere Wörter