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Black... and Yellow

Some mediocre singer made a song calling herself (and referencing men who want) a “yellowbone” or light skin Black woman with yellow undertones… similar to the term “redbone” which refers to lighter skin Black women with red undertones (perhaps from mixed heritage with Native Americans). 761 weitere Wörter


Bob’s Bridge Game

The problem with games such as snooker, pool, billiards, and bagatelle, popular as they may be, is that a full-size table together with sufficient room to enable the players to address their shots from any point means that you need a considerable amount of space to play them. 547 weitere Wörter


Mary Beton, Mr. Bennett, and Ms. Brown: A Tragicomedy (Part Two)

*Read Part One*

Giovanni Baglione, Sacred Love Versus Profane Love (detail, 1603)


Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name.

Dev sat on the bus, still high, north-bound. 2.755 weitere Wörter


Some Truths About Mental Illness You May Not Know: Interview with Brittany Banks

More celebrities and public figures express their battles with their mental health, and it humanizes and creates us to connect with them more than ever. It allows us to see that no one is immune to the battles that we face every day when it comes to our mind. 1.205 weitere Wörter


A Fruity Piece of Music

Pardon the fruity lyrics and the repeated use of the F-word. But I do like this little ukulele song. How would it sound in a George Formby voice? 21 weitere Wörter