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Culture &Wine: #4 A “lost” culture?

I have reached a point in my posts about Wine and Culture where something needs to be clarified; and that is the two way nature of culture and all of the elements in the culture model I have chosen to use and shown in the image below. 1.265 weitere Wörter


Everybody love Rama

If there is one difficult thing about reading Vedic scripture as a modern Western person (aside from all of the many-headed cosmic snakes and superhero powers), it’s how differently we have come to perceive protagonists in a story. 731 weitere Wörter

Catholic Church

Intuitive social taste

As Taylor describes it here, the social imaginary is a somewhat amorphous concept precisely because it refers to the myriad beliefs, practices, normative expectations, and even implicit assumptions that members of a society share and that shape their daily lives.

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Kawaii Influence On Other Cultures

In recent years, Kawaii products have gained popularity beyond the borders of Japan in other East and Southeast Asian countries, and are additionally becoming more popular in the US among anime and manga fans as well as others influenced by Japanese culture. 921 weitere Wörter


My Computer History: Commodore 64

Commodore 64

Released: August 1982 – April 1994(!)

Specs: 64KB RAM, 1.023MHz CPU

“Gee, Will, with access to so many computers and parents who owned a bookstore, you must have been rich!” 847 weitere Wörter


Progressives can't see progress anywhere

I had a guest at my cottage two weekends ago and it did not go well. We discussed victimhood culture, which she subscribes to, as many people on the left do. 528 weitere Wörter



Tomorrow is spring,
Yet I’m still living the rainy days,
It’s not I hate the rain,
But I miss the sunny days.

Tomorrow is spring, 124 weitere Wörter