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Digital Literacy for Seniors

Click this YouTube Link to view the talk conducted on 180321.

Digital Inclusion for Seniors. What actually seniors wanted to know or need to know? 298 weitere Wörter


What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device, which can perform a variety of operations according to a set of instructions called Program.

Updating My Workstation!

Hello everyone, Kausus here throwing out a brand-new article for you all the enjoy! But first, I do have to say thank you for your patience and likes, in regards to what this new blog has to offer! 903 weitere Wörter


Intro to Poetry; Day 6: Screens

Damn You, Covid-19

by Gertie

Staring at a computer screen all day give me a headache

but the headache is well worth it as it is… 142 weitere Wörter

[電腦] Debian的非root使用者使用Wireshark



sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common


sudo usermod -a -G YOUR_USER_NAME

Logout後再login後就可以使用了,不會有Permission denied的問題。



Researcher bitsquats Microsofts to steal traffic

A researcher was able to „bitsquat“ Microsoft’s domain by cybersquatting variations of

However, this technique differs from cases where typosquatting domains are used for phishing activities in that it requires no action on the victim’s part. 1.071 weitere Wörter