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How to be the Best at Being Egoless

There’s a lot of chatter happening in the halls of the yoga studio. People will say things like, “It’s important to be humble” and, “my soul is feeling peace” but that’s just bush league bullshit. 391 weitere Wörter

Dizzy by Nyrae Dawn

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Title : Dizzy
Author : Nyrae Dawn… 89 weitere Wörter

Nyrae Dawn

Return to Sorrento. A poem.

This is a poem by the Irish comedian Spike Milligan. I first saw it in his book „The Little Pot Boiler“. This poem has always stuck in my mind after first reading it around 1977. 54 weitere Wörter


Don't Stop

There’s no such thing as too much affection. If your partner complains about you choking them with too much love, that’s not your partner. You don’t just stop loving someone. 829 weitere Wörter


Is it me, or is it him?

I probably need to apologise for the lack of quality erudite posts that you expect from me 😂😂 But there is nothing (literally) happening over here. 19 weitere Wörter


TELEVISION: Star Trek: Lower Decks, 'Temporal Edict' (dir. Juno Lee)

The fun of Lower Decks comes from its complete irreverence towards everything Star Trek, while at the same time being completely in love with everything that make the franchise work. 840 weitere Wörter