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Do high levels of CO2 in the past contradict the warming effect of CO2?

The Ordovician glaciation was a brief excursion to coldness during an otherwise warm era, due to a coincidence of conditions. It is completely consistent with climate science. 138 weitere Wörter

Peatlands worldwide are drying out, threatening to release 860 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year

Peatlands, such as fens, bogs, marshes and swamps, cover just 3% of the Earth’s total land surface, yet store over one-third of the planet’s soil carbon. 32 weitere Wörter


When Dr. Will Happer speaks, people listen —

When Dr. Will Happer speaks, people listen This speech was given at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar on February 19, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Climate Change

Global Warming

New CO2 Record

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached a level 50% higher than at the dawn of the industrial age. 209 weitere Wörter


FEATURE: Australian firm eyes seaweed as global warming game changer

Jun 11 , 2021. 20 hours ago – 13:38 By Kazuya Itai, KYODO NEWS

TRIABUNNA , Australia – Could a species of seaweed that flourishes around Japan’s Pacific coast and regions of Oceania prove a game changer in the fight against global warming? 545 weitere Wörter

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