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The Shenanigans of the Konrad Adenauer and Hanns Seidel Political Foundations in Bulgaria

A scandal which erupted in Bulgaria today motivated me to tell you the story of the illegal activity of two German political foundations – the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Hanns Seidel Stiftung. 1.001 weitere Wörter

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Merkel's legacy

Germany’s longstanding Chancellor stands down, leaving a legacy that has shaped 21st century politics

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks during the handover of the annual expert report from the Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation in Berlin, Feb. 1.053 weitere Wörter


German debt brake: own goal or pawn sacrifice?

A debate around the German constitutional debt brake has started within the CDU. This is very significant because, now that the taboo has been broken, the debate within the CDU may come back in the future with renewed strength. 507 weitere Wörter


Herr Keller und die "umweltfeindlichen" Umweltspuren

Im Zuge einer Klage der Deutschen Umwelthilfe im Oktober 2018 gegen den Entwurf des Luftreinhalteplans der Stadt Düsseldorf, der Dieselfahrverbote in der Landeshauptstadt verhindern soll, wurden in ebendiesen Plan die sogenannten “Umweltspuren” [ 4.465 weitere Wörter

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Angela Merkel’s CDU centre-right party appoints its new candidate for the September 26 elections

Think of the Bundestag as the UK House of Commons or the US House of Representatives. The German elections are considered to be some of the fairest in the world due to their complexities, … 682 weitere Wörter

Rassegna stampa 25.01 - 40 bambini ricoverati per le conseguenze del Covid

Covid Facciamo attenzione anche ai più piccoli. In Ungheria, sono numerosi anche i bambini ricoverati in terapia intensiva con gravi complicazioni a seguito di un’infezione da coronavirus asintomatica – riporta un servizio di RTL Klub. 312 weitere Wörter


Give The People What They Want

Not. „Never ever,“ as the Germans like to say in English. It’s what Merkel & Co want that counts.

Or maybe they used Dominion voting machines to select… 70 weitere Wörter