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Bulgur cu dovlecel și mușchi file

– 300 g bulgur, 1 dovlecel (200 g), 200 g mușchi file, 1 ceapă verde, 150 g pastă de roșii cu măsline, 1 lingură semințe de mărar, 1 linguriță amestec de ierburi aromate, 2 linguri ulei, sare, piper, apă 155 weitere Wörter


Saffron Bulgur with Fennel and Turkey Sausage

This bright, bold, hearty bulgur dish radiates hues of golden saffron. Turkey sausage lends deep savor and dinnertime heft to the floral bulgur, and is given the golden treatment with a saffron-infused pomegranate vinaigrette. 370 weitere Wörter

Bulgur with Mushroom and Feta by Ottolenghi

Oh my gosh! That’s all I could say after I first tasted this super simple, but extremely delicious, earthy, aromatic and importantly, healthy plate of gorgeousness. 602 weitere Wörter


Armenian Yogurt and Meatball Soup (Madzoon Ov Kofte)

Source: Cook’s Illustrated (9/21)

Time: 1.25 hours (30 minute active)

Serves 6



Armenian Yogurt Soup with Meatballs

Tanabour is the Armenian name for a basic yogurt soup with barley.
tan = yogurt drink
abour = soup

Try to find Aleppo pepper; if unavailable, substitute 1 t paprika and 1/4 t cayenne per t of Aleppo. 399 weitere Wörter