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Spinach & cheese frittata wrap

How to make:

Dice a small onion and saute

Add either fresh or frozen spinach to the pan and let the water evaporate

Salam and pepper & oregano… 48 weitere Wörter

Spinach-Mushroom Quiche

I am a big fan of quiche, and it’s been awhile since I made one, so it was definitely time to bake one up! And the nice thing about this recipe is that it makes TWO quiche, so you can serve one right away and save one in the freezer for later! 470 weitere Wörter

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Butter & Jam

I always love a good restaurant recommendation. That’s why I joined the SOMA Eats Local Facebook group, where people from my community gather to discuss the latest and greatest food nearby. 793 weitere Wörter



This dish is from the south of France, and is like a cross between a tart and a pizza.

Just warning you from the outset, this is what I would call a weekend recipe. 529 weitere Wörter

Righteous Recipes

Start your day with Brunchy Bites on Steiner

Introducing Brunchy Bites with a side of FOMO-sa! We are excited to announce the arrival of delicious bites to start your wine tasting experience off right. 131 weitere Wörter

Lakeside Espresso

There is a cafe near a green lake in the Broadmeadows area. Don’t ask me why the lake is green, because I don’t understand why 😂 The location of this cafe is in an area filled with offices and warehouses, so we can guess who the target market is. 272 weitere Wörter