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OW - QP - Havana Blind

So my hard drive was starting to die. It would take another year from this video being created to actually learn that it was dying, but that’s why my character models were taking so long to load sometimes. 35 weitere Wörter


24 December 2020 Change-Over Day

Today was the day when Bri and Nico took off for Zürich and would then continue on to Normandy. At the same Jamie and Carmel, who had been staying in Davos, would come over to spend the next few nights with us in the Tower in Susch. 526 weitere Wörter

23 December 2020

Our attempt to get out of the Tower earlier today met with only moderate success. In fact, the ski team did get out at around 10:40AM and it was Christine who took this photo at 11 AM, as she started out on her walk. 968 weitere Wörter

22 December 2020 Early Christmas in the Engadine

Different strokes for different folks: you can see by the clock, that we hardly got out of the Tower early, but still we got out before noon. 445 weitere Wörter

21 December 2020 Lavin to Guarda and Back

The shortest day of the year dawns over Susch.

We were not in a huge rush to get out the door, so some parties got to work on other projects. 633 weitere Wörter

20 December 2020 Cross-Country Road Trip

The weather forecast for today included some precip, so we decided to dedicate the whole day to an epic cross-country drive, from one side of the country to other, which is more or less equivalent to driving from Tahoe to the East Bay and nearly all of it on Swiss superhighways. 633 weitere Wörter