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Day 11 post BKA: I can hardly contain my excitement!

Soooo many positive things have happened today I can hardly contain myself!


My BKA journey: should I write a book?

A lot of people have started saying this to me, the most recent was a surgical doctor here at the hospital. The comment from her got me thinking about it more seriously. 21 weitere Wörter


4 days post BKA: meds switch over day

Today’s the day: the plan is to stop the spinal (local anaesthetic to the leg) and replace it with a combination of oral meds including the much dreaded opiates. 🤞🏻 it goes ok.


Day 3 post BKA: do I get phantom limb pain?

This was a question I was asked today by someone online.. a very common problem for amputees. So I thought I would address the topic in today’s video update.


BMAS sends deliberately damaged computer of migrant to Federal Criminal Police Office for risk assessment

Ladies, gents at the German Federal Criminal Police Office,
Dear Mr Zopf,

Yours of the ?th received & carefully read. I have a few minutes and so I improve upon this opportunity to write a thank you for informing me in your letter without (!) any date that the neoliberal Ministry of Cheap Labor, aka BMAS, had forwarded the useless Mac Book of my Tibetan daughter to you in Jan. 368 weitere Wörter

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Aleksei Navalnîi se află sub protecția poliției germane BKA, responsabilă și de securitatea oficialilor guvernamentali

Biroul Federal de Investigații Criminale (BKA) din Germania, responsabil, printre altele, cu protecția oficialilor guvernamentali germani, asigură în acest moment protecția opozantului rus Aleksei Navalnîi, aflat în acest moment sub tratament la un spital din Berlin, în urma unei presupuse otrăviri în Siberia. 126 weitere Wörter