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VT Cosmetics Cica Set Review

I cannot contain my excitement and happiness. Korean skincare products are really one of my favorites that’s why I was exhilarated when I received an email from StyleKorean that I was chosen to use and review VT Cosmetics Cica Set product. 2.277 weitere Wörter


Purchase or Pass | Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose Luxe Quad: Eternal Eden

Queue the excitement! Pat McGrath has announced a new collection. There’s a whole boat load of new ultra rosy products landing just in time for Valentine’s Day. 855 weitere Wörter


Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Palette Review

I’ve been meaning to do this Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Palette review since it released and I’m only just getting around to it now but at least I’ve had time to play with it and see what I think. 497 weitere Wörter


Full Face of New Makeup | First Impressions

Hey ghouls, Today, we are playing with some new goodies I got in the mail!


4 Ways To Stop Overthinking.

I don’t even feel embarrassed to admit that I overthink, overanalyse and over-worry about everything. I definitely think it’s partially due to my anxiety and I thought with time, maybe this habit would disappear but sadly, it doesn’t. 902 weitere Wörter


How To Overcome A Creative Slump.

As a content creator, you go through phases where you either feel like you get a ton of ideas all at once or none at all. 888 weitere Wörter


Medical Aesthetics: The Journey To Loving My Skin Again

I was born in the late 70’s having spent the majority of my childhood in the 80’s and adolescence in the 90’s grunge era whereby the more plaid you wore and sadder you appeared, the more you were winning in the eyes of the fashion police. 2.091 weitere Wörter