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I want to start this article with the reasons behind making this connection or even trying to understand if there is a connection. I am a vegan – I do not eat meat and dairy products, do not use silk and leather, try to limit my use of synthetic materials, do not change my electronics very often, avoid buying anything wrapped in plastic as much as possible, buy and use locally sourced and produced products where possible, limit my buying to needs most of the time. 900 weitere Wörter


Vivekachudamani - 368

yogasya prathamadvaaram vaangnirodho’parigrahah | niraasaa ca niriihaa ca nityamekaantasiilataa ||


The first doorways to Yoga consists of: (1) control of speech, (2) non-accumulation of possessions, (3) freedom from expectations, (4) freedom from activity and (5) living always in (inner) solitude. 422 weitere Wörter

Free Yoga classes

Free Yoga Sessions : 🙏

To be able to embrace Yoga is the greatest blessing and a wonderful opportunity to transform one’s life. I met this philosophy much later on in life, and I wish I had taken up Yoga in my youth. 246 weitere Wörter

Did the Pandemic Weaken My Practice, or Was It Really a Gift?

Home practice during 2020

It has been nearly four years since I wrote on yoga practice. I think some may have thought that I dropped dead somehow, or more possibly, gave up on the Ashtanga practice as a number of my friends did through the years. 1.354 weitere Wörter

Ashtanga Yoga

Mantra chanting to welcome in the New Year 2022

Hi everyone , wish you all a Happy New Year. Please do join me in Mantra chanting of the auspicious Aum , Mahamritunjaya and Gayatri chants to welcome in the new year. 18 weitere Wörter

Ashtanga Yoga: The Eight Steps on the Ladder of Yoga

Sage Patañjali constituted the Aṣṭāṅga Yogaḥ system to help prepare for Meditation and reap the benefits there of.

Patañjali’s Aṣṭāṅga Yogaḥ is an important, preparatory, eight-fold discipline, but not an end in itself as, without the teaching of Vedāntaḥ, one does not gain mokṣaḥ. 1.133 weitere Wörter


What is the purpose of life ?

What is the purpose of life ? Most would say, grow up, get a good degree and job, earn lots of money, fancy car and house. 421 weitere Wörter