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10th National Article Writing Competition Organised By Team Attorneylex: Register by August 31

About the Organisation

Team Attorneylex is a Student-run organisation, it is an online platform for law students where they can contribute their legal knowledge and get recognized for their contribution. 412 weitere Wörter


Discover How social media works For your Marketing

Timing Strategy for Social Media and Facebook.

Consistent posting needs timing and strategic writing with attention grabbing presentation. Therefore, it will require a few days and even weeks of sharing posts to establish optimized engagement time. 1.795 weitere Wörter

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5 types of broke people

People get broke when they spend too much or they don’t have enough money to cater for their needs, but there are different type of broke people. 194 weitere Wörter

Article Writing

I got fired!

On a sunny Sunday, I went to work as usual. I work in a sugar company as a secretary. I was the closest to the manager in the whole of the company, not only because I was the secretary but I and the manager share a “I can’t describe” friendship. 232 weitere Wörter

Article Writing

Management process:

To understand what is management process?, we first need to understand what is an organization and who is manager?

An organization is not the building but a group of people (both employer and employees) who work together to achieve organizational goals. 112 weitere Wörter

How Is it possible to writing articles and make money for your blog.

I have been asked this question, time and time again and below i would like to leave you with some tips on how i do it. 455 weitere Wörter

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