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Get To Cover? A Requiem for Common Sense

Get to Cover? A Requiem for Common Sense

With the likelihood of random gun violence breaking out anywhere at anytime in the world today, it makes sense for the Armed and/or Prepared Civilian to re-cap some basics of staying alive when you are out there on the mean streets beyond the wire (The wire being the protection of your Hearth and Home in this case.) 38 weitere Wörter

Armed Citizen Corner

Combative Corollaries

The following is taken directly from the Afterword in Kelly Mccann’s Outstanding book Combatives for Street Survival.

In this afterword, Kelly draws corollaries between what is taught in the USMC Field Manual (FM 1) … 653 weitere Wörter

Armed Citizen Corner

Excellent examples of fire and maneuver

Violence of Action. Making fast decisions, getting off the X quickly, and fixing and flanking their enemy were all critical to the success of these men. 247 weitere Wörter

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Outstanding SUT (Small Unit Tactics) study here.

Brush Up and Prepare Accordingly. The Days are Short.

Basic Dude Stuff

The Temp (or Doneness) of Meat hand Trick is AWESOME.

Been using that one for years.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner

3 Killed in New Orleans Gun Store Shooting

Customers, staff fired back in gun store shooting; 3 dead

As always the police are being very ambiguous/secretive about the RACE/ETHNICITY of the shooter.

In case you did not hear, a similar incident happened… 74 weitere Wörter

Current Events

Dumb Black Criminals

This has got to rank right up there with one of the STUPIDEST BLACK CRIMINALS EVER.

So this career black criminal POS decides to GET THIS: 151 weitere Wörter

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