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Although I am know to be sweet tooth, I cannot deny that I felt in love with this SAVORY STUFFED PANDORO 🤩 A perfect idea for a yummy appetizer for your NYE’s dinner 😋 164 weitere Wörter



by Mary Slowik


Sometimes you can work for years to understand something. And sometimes things come together in a bare instant. Go Figure.

It was a brisk morning. 620 weitere Wörter

The Citron Review

Mr. Incredible's Christmas Special

One year ago, my father sadly passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly. He wasn’t the youngest but on his mother side he came from a family of long-living individuals so I guess unconsciously I relied on him getting at least close to hundred. 1.158 weitere Wörter

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Lollipop al salmone

Con questa ricetta apriamo il Menù delle feste 2021!!!

Come l’anno scorso dall’inizio di Dicembre fino a Natale pubblichiamo una ricetta delle feste per settimana. 732 weitere Wörter


Cheesecake rosmarino e cipolle caramellate

Semplice, versatile e sicuramente scenografica!

Stefano e io siamo amanti della pasticceria moderna e abbiamo voluto riproporre le stesse line in versione salata.

La copertura che abbiamo scelto è un gelèe di cipolle rosse caramellate ma potete sbizzarrirvi con quello che preferite: funghi, salmone, tonno, pomodori ecc… 462 weitere Wörter


Provolini Antipasti Salad

Provolini Antipasti Salad is jammed packed with flavor! Caution: It can be very addictive if you love salty, meaty, cheesy antipasto salads. The artichoke hearts, button mushrooms, black olives and green, provolone and mozzarella cheese chunks, and Genoa salami salad makes a great starter for a dinner party or weekday lunches. 209 weitere Wörter