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Cocoa tree's

Cocoa trees grow in 4 places the Ivory coast,Indonesia,Nigeria,and Cameroon.what did we do first: We tried Milk choc it was sweet and perfect.then we tasted White choc it tasted kinda good kinda bad.Then we tried 45% dark choc it was very bitter.Then we tasted 60% dark choc it was even more bitter.then we tried 70% dark choc it was even worse.then we tried 78% dark choc it was horrid.then we tried 85% dark choc it was even worse then the last one. 103 weitere Wörter


Recap: October 8, 1993

AE – CEO’s Office

Clay walks in as Gwyneth is on the phone with Curtis, pleading with him to come home and promising him that he won’t have to talk to Clay if he doesn’t want to. 1.214 weitere Wörter


Alex : Chapter Twelve

         The Chest

Peter, still waiting for Alex, was curled up in the large chair, reading Gulliver’s Travels. On the table he had placed bread and cheese and a pot of tea.  4.720 weitere Wörter


Fresh hop Kölsch

This light and delicious kölsch-style beer was brewed with three pounds of freshly picked Mount Hood hops and locally grown malt from Main Stem Malting. 55 weitere Wörter


Recap: October 4, 1993

Rescott House -Front Porch

We open where we left off, with a shirtless Casey standing on the sidewalk, hidden by bushes, and seeing Cooper kiss… 1.079 weitere Wörter


Recap: October 1, 1993

Rescott House – Front Porch

Cooper thinks Frankie wants money, but what he actually wants is for Cooper to do something to get the charges against him dropped. 1.192 weitere Wörter


Recap: September 30, 1993

Rescott House – Front Porch

Ally mopes, thinking about her last conversation with Casey. Ava comes out singing she’s so happy and tries to cheer Ally up. 1.229 weitere Wörter