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The Travel Diaries - Whangarei

The coastal city beaming with hidden gems

Whangarei Falls Located right on the edge of town

With my job I do get to travel a bit from time to time and a chance to go up to Whangarei for work was eagerly taken! 370 weitere Wörter


The Gaming Diaries - Get Into Gaming

DNA putting gaming on the map with the Ministry of Education

Who would have thought this would be streamed into schools in NZ?!

It has been a busy few months as us here at DNA have taken on the task to bring Get into Gaming to life, a joint project with the Ministry of Education here in NZ to help inform and inspire our young ones about the reality of the gaming industry. 421 weitere Wörter


Gaming Diaries - A Return to Middle Earth

Why hello Hunter my old friend

Hey Sauron, guess who’s back! Just in time to come kick your ass! Oh, wait, Frodo has done that already… Well I guess I’ll just have to join the cause to tidy up the mess you left behind then! 705 weitere Wörter


The Travel Diaries - Rotorua's smaller lakes

Part 2 of 2 shows us some recreational hot spots

There are a couple of lakes missing from this list that one day I will hopefully try and visit so I can update this to be a bit more complete, but as they say, good things take time! 642 weitere Wörter


The Travel Diaries - The Big 3 Lakes of Rotorua

Part 1 of a 2 part introduction to the Lakes District of Rotorua

Rotorua has a well earned reputation as a top tourist spot and with 18 lakes located in the region and all very close to each other, its reputation is well deserved. 489 weitere Wörter


The Travel Diaries - Bledisloe Holiday Park

A waterside gem with location to match

Looking for a summer getaway? Want to feel that seaside breeze and enjoy the sand and sun? Sound like a TripAdvisor advert yet? 635 weitere Wörter


The Travel Diaries - Okere Falls & Kerosene Creek

Local Attractions not to be overlooked

The great thing about living in Rotorua is everything is such a short drive away and the Bay of Plenty Region is full of amazing things to see and do. 579 weitere Wörter