Time for Poetry

This week, we invite you to write a post — in verse or in prose — inspired by poetry.

April is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), and we’re thrilled to celebrate all the poets and verse-lovers active on WordPress.com.

NaPoWriMo aside, poetry is around us during the other eleven months of the year, too. Whenever you’re reading a psalm, you’re reading poetry. Whenever you read The Gruffalo or The Cat in the Hat to your (or someone else’s) kids, you’re exposing them to poetry. Last year, when you heard these lyrics on the radio:

Like the legend of the Phoenix
All ends with beginnings
What keeps the planets spinning
The force from the beginning

You may have thought you were just listening to a catchy pop tune by Daft Punk. True. But that song was using poetic devices (rhyme, alliteration, simile, and repetition, among others) that have been deployed by poets for millennia.

Billboard poetry by Robert Montgomery. Photo credit: the artist's site.

Billboard poetry by Robert Montgomery. Photo credit: the artist’s site.

For this week’s challenge, we have several options for you, depending on your mood and relation to poetry.

  • Are you a poet? We’d like to commission a new poem from you — whether you prefer traditional forms (a sonnet or two? A meaty ballad?) or you’re into free verse, we’ll be happy either way.
  • Have you dabbled in verse but are looking for something new? Feel free to experiment with a form you wouldn’t usually use. How about a tautogram, a poem where each word starts in the same letter (here’s a great one we recently discovered)? Or try an acrostic, where the first letters of each verse combine into a new word or phrase (hey, if it’s good enough for Edgar Allan Poe…). You could always just compose the next post you were planning to write — in verse.
  •  Would you like to give poetry a try? NaPoWriMo is clearly the best time to start. You could write a poem in the style of your favorite poet (don’t have one yet? Then go with a random poem!). Or open the first book you can find on page 72, and use the first word on that page as the title of your poem — then write it!
  • Are you truly verse-averse? You could always write a prose poem (yes, that’s a thing). Or simply write a post in prose about that traumatic fourth-grade experience that made you hate poetry forever.

If you’d like to use some unusual formatting for your poems, you might want to explore these ideas on displaying poetry on your blogs. We look forward to your poetic experimentations!

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  1. Ma sha Allah. This is good. So I writ a post on my blog and just link it to this? I don’t understand how the pingback works. What I did was just highlighted and linked it o this. But how do you know if it went through?


  2. I tried the whole pingback bizness but dunno if I did it correctly.
    So, just in case here’s a link to my blog and poetry.
    Thanks for all the wonderful prompts…its a fantabulous way to crank up the creativity juices on a Monday!


  3. the people who you did love

    become ghosts inside of you

    and like the restless dead

    they continue to haunt you

    like a nightmare that neverendingly recurs


  4. Normally I’m all in for National Poetry Month, but haven’t been able to engage this year due to life being lifelike. Maybe I’ll throw down a new poem anyway just to get the word-flow going.

    Also, for those looking to discover new poets, there’s a giant Poetry Book Giveaway happening this month. The giant list of participating blogs (some on wordpress) is here:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh! Stupid me! here’s my website. dljordanwriting.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/the-daily-post-poetry-challenge/
      I was supposed to put my website but i put the link to the dailypost challenge. Forgive me.


  5. My blog is mostly poems and also some random videos and other posts when I’m taking a break from the poems. I’m happy to see that there are many more people dedicating their blogs to poetry!


  6. Robert Montgomery has me awestruck… Such a creative way to meld together two very personal forms of self-expression. I’d been searching for my own way… Perhaps I have not dug deep enough. Thank you for the inspiration Mr. Montgomery.


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