Ice, Water, Steam

For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H2O. What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms?

Know thyself. A common axiom, it’s a phrase that can carry many meanings, ranging from know who you are to know your place in the universe. Each and every one of us can attest to the journey of getting to know the person you are deep down inside, when no one is looking. The person who sings to the radio at the top of her lungs, to the person who travels the world to both find and forget. We’re complex creatures.

Who you are may change or take on different forms at varying times. Just like water is still water, whether it’s solid, liquid, or gaseous, you are still yourself, whether you’re in the middle of a career change or identity shift. Hey, even dying your hair pink is just a different variation of you.

Your multifaceted self

For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H2O. What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms? As a child, you may have been the class clown, but also an expert at math. As an adult, you excel at your work in the social sciences, but you’re still an artist, a sports fanatic, a film connoisseur, and so much more.

Especially as we come into the new year, examining who you’ve been over the past year, what’s worked and what hasn’t helps build the foundation for what’s to come. So in this week’s theme, let’s get started with:

  • Play on the rule of threes. Are the past, present, and future versions of ourselves similar to the different forms of water? Tell us about what’s stayed the same as you’ve changed.
  • Tell us about one of the forms of yourself, whether they be concurrent, a previous version of yourself, or one that is yet to be.
  • If the past, present, and future are the trifecta of time, explore the possibilities. Is time linear, does it overlap, or does it repeat in an endless loop?
  • The New Year is a time for self-reflection and improvement. Write about the future self you’re going to develop over the next year, or years.
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  1. Past and present: I move rapidly in all forms changing along the way, always returning again.

    Starting mid flow, I am a waterfall, tumbling head over heals, spraying mist in my fall. I always hope to drench strangers along the way down with smiles, love and trust.

    Of course this openness has occasionally left me falling hard onto rocks, bitten and shy. Thankfully, this is not often the case and I plunge into a playground of bubbles. Either way I always continue dwindling along the river bed or on the top of the foamy waves eventually rushing into the sea.

    Swimming among the summer and winter bathers as well as all the fish in the sea I bathe in the freedom, the expanse and the incredible journeys into every corner of the seabed. Yes there are odd spooky sets of teeth with sneering smiles and occasionally unblinking eyes of doom staring through the water, but the next current saves me and swoops me off towards laughing frolicking groups lapping it up under the sun in the waves.

    I never go too deep for long because I need to be ready to be transported up into the sky as a little fine water droplet, flying fresh and new again, looking down onto the beautiful earth below. I fly fast on the wind or glide in a warm air pocket. I jump from cloud to cloud. I ride every air current exploring every land below. All short and wonderful trips, all different because long and lasting never seems to hold my interest.

    When I am ready, I fall gracefully back to earth sometimes as a snowflake dressed for the annual crystal ball. Othertimes, in anger I pelt the ground as a hailstone – but it never solves anything, and when I am sad and even when I am happy I choose to freefall as a raindrop into the stream again , winding my way along the slow current until it builds up pace and heads for the waterfall once again.

    As for the future, I would not want it any other way. Free and always simply me with the simple hope lifting up troubled lives creating rainbows dancing in sun or bathing dark winter days in crystals of light.

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  2. Apologies for typing errors and slips of style, I was on a tight time schedule….I will be editing more and correction as well later today, but what an amazing writing exercise. Thank you!

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  3. In a sense I am to busy to fully answer such a question as I am focused on learning how to be present in the now. To me thinking about what I have no ability to change (The past) is a waist of both physical and emotional energy I need to stay in the now!

    The only form that really matters is the one I choose to live in the now with! I respect that words have power. I am seeing that the words I am are strictly defining words.

    Since being a autonomous human being means I get to understand the universe and its processes through my own perspective, it just makes sense to me to understand it in a way that allows me to live it love it and be happy!

    Staying in the now is lining up my future, the best thing about the future is we don’t know it or life would become boring. Happy days to you and yours!


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    1. Since Erica seems to be on vacation, I’ll mention that responses to the challenge are supposed to be posted on your blog. That will help other people find your writing so they can read it.


  4. Ever since my brother passed away I have been trying to find myself. I am making progress but it takes a long time to look back to see who I was before I took care of him. Great post!


  5. Solid, Liquid, and gas(vapor). You’re on a similar path with Truth. 3 Magi delivered Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh to the (Christ) anointed. Within each of us is an energy we are all born with. The hidden meaning is our makeup of solid(flesh) liquid(water composition and liquids, then the breath we breathe in Praise and Thankfulness or in a form of Worship, frees us from the lesser weakness of the human makeup. “We are born Free, growing up to leran how to remain Free. Be Free and allow Life to flow through you in peace that flows like a river…hence Water remains in whatever state it expresses, so do we, as ONE in harmony with many. Peace

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  6. In the past I was always trying my hardest and pushing myself. In the present I find myself living in the past and dealing with my thoughts. In the future I hope to grow and become a stronger person. When it comes to being like water I would have to say I try to be as clear as possible. I can change in emotion like water changes in color.

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  7. The one thing in the New Year is to actually find myself; honestly I’ve always changing in terms of my mannerisms and behaviours that I’ve found it hard to actually find who I am. Internally my sense of self is a mess, so finding that one thing in common despite my various shifts of nature is a great idea; thank you. 🙂

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  8. Like ice

    She wakes up to my morning sigh. She rubs her eyes with the back of her left hand. She jumps out of bed and stands in front of the mirror. She stretches her arms up and reveals her armpits. In the mirror, she notices the pink mark on right neck, just below the chin. She turns and looks at me, and smiles.

    She yawns. I look at her. She’s beautiful. I want to touch her. I want to hug her. I want kiss her. I want her to be mine. Just like she’s used to be mine a long time ago. Now it’s January. I guess it’s too late for us to be that one heart that wishes to be one.

    Like water

    We both knew that hearts can change.

    We thought love last forever. We thought we were happy. We thought of many possible ways to make our future last. But no matter how far we cruise through the river of lust and pleasure, we never thought that the we were heading to the waterfall of rushes and sex. We thought we were doing the right thing. We thought we were heading towards that glorious happiness that people called love. But like water, two fishes could also be drown in the deepest ocean of mistrust and misunderstanding.

    Like steam

    We created memories and wrote stories. We experienced happiness and drew moments. But we never expected love could vanish into the air like water under a hot sun which separated two winters in a year.


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  9. Thanks for the amazing prompt. I’ve been wanting to write a post on water so this prompt was the perfect inspiration. I have written the post with my own perspective.


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