Genre Blender

Pick a genre from column A, a style from column B, and blend to create your own delightful concoction. (Tiny paper umbrellas optional.)

Musicians remix songs all the time, interpreting one piece of music through another genre. Why can’t we do the same with the written word?

Need help figuring out what to write about for this challenge? If you really want to stretch yourself, give this nifty “What if?” idea generator a try, and write about one of the scenarios it spits out.

The topic is up to you this week, so you’ll write about whatever you’d like — I love the idea of taking a topic you planned to write about anyway, and forcing yourself to run it through a new filter — but mash up different genres and writing styles in your post.

Decide on the topic of your post before you go any further. We’ll wait …

… Got a topic? Good; let’s get going.

First, pick one of these genres. Click on any one to learn more about the characteristics and key elements of the genre:

Next, pick one of these styles. Go with whichever one first strikes your fancy, and don’t worry if it doesn’t seem to go with your genre very well — that’s why this is called the Weekly Writing Challenge and not the Weekly Writing Walk in the Park:

Now it’s time to put everything together! Write a post about your trip to the DMV as a collection of limericks set in the 19th century, or share your reflections on current events in your town as a mysterious set of photographs. Write a steamy open letter to your phone company. Profile your significant other in the year 2514.

Will it make sense? Who knows! Will you ever write in that style again? Probably not! Will it be fun to read what all your co-bloggers come up with? We hope so! Will it push you creatively? Definitely!

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      1. Thanks for responding. In the end I created a new post (identical content) and deleted the old one. Both still show up in the list of weekly challenge response icons but only the later one links to my post. Can you delete the first one from the commons page? Or can I somehow do that? Thanks for your help.


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