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For some of us, blogging is personal. Others are trying to educate or entertain; many more are hybrids. Yet we’re…

For some of us, blogging is personal. Others are trying to educate or entertain; many more are hybrids. Yet we’re all storytellers. We all want to feel confident in what we’re offering when we hit “publish.”

No matter what your blogular target is, we want you to hit it, which is why we’re serving up Weekly Writing Challenges. Once a week, we’ll post a creative writing challenge to help you to push your writing boundaries and show off your writing chops among the WordPress.com community.

How it works: Every Monday, we lay out a different challenge along with tips on tackling it, useful resources, and example posts. You read, think, ask questions (we’ll be here!), and get to blogging, tagging your posts with “DPchallenge.” We keep an eye on the tag and highlight the week’s best posts on Freshly Pressed each Friday.

Things, stuff, gizmos, whatchamacallits, items, objects; call them what you will. Material items play an important part in our lives. Some people believe that people with lots of “stuff” are money-hungry, gadget-obsessed, must-keep-up-with-the-Joneses types. For those who prefer the simpler life, there are still many possessions we have that mean more to us than their perceived purpose. Instead, items and objects can have seriously meaningful memories attached to them.

My great-grandfather’s trusty ol’ coffee maker.

My coworkers at WordPress.com love their coffee, and we’ve had many a conversation about the best coffee maker out there. While I’ve bought some of the recommended brewing machines, I have a standard fall back that never goes out of style: my great-grandfather’s drip coffee machine. It has dings and scratches from generations before me who used it as a spontaneous percussion instrument, and it lost its sheen a long time ago, leaving it a dull, Crayola-colored silver at this point. However, each time I participate in the ritual of brewing coffee, this coffee machine reminds me of my great-grandfather and his habits, his loves, and his daily rituals. It’s more than just a coffee pot—it’s a connection to my past.

For this week’s writing challenge, tell us about your most meaningful possession. No, the laptop that you’re blogging on doesn’t count. Instead, let us know about the heirloom ring that is passed on from woman to woman in your family, or the house you live in that has belonged to your family for generations. What’s important are the memories and people that these objects symbolize, not what they’re actually used for.

When writing, transport us into the past by telling us about your favorite “thing.” What is it? What does it look like? What memories of people or things or events does it conjure? Details are key for giving a clear picture of both why this item is so meaningful for you, and how that meaning has transformed the appearance of the object.

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  1. My most meaningful possession could be a toss up between the very special Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls my grandmother made and the family pictures. The old, new and ever growing collection of family pictures has won. These pictures show me the past in many ways. The clothes, the scenery, the cars, cattle, hairstyles. There is the evolution of it all…seeing and watching in real life and through pictures…my brother going from a little, skinny, hairless monkey to a grown man with long hair and whiskers on his face.
    There is also the search to see many things.. “who do I look like most” ..familial characteristics that we all have (broad shoulders)…where did the blue eyes come from (Grandpa), why does everyone wear glasses.(we’re all blind)
    Oh…and I found who I look like most…My great great grandmother Rebecca Jane ~ a real beauty with dark hair piled in a bun up top of her head with dark eyes wearing a fancy dark dress and holding her first born child, William, in 1882. It’s an old black and white photo………..:)


    1. My daughter has a special Raggedy Ann. It was handmade by someone at the retirement home where my grandparents lived. My grandmother kept it in a box in hopes that I would have a daughter one day. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away when I was pregnant with my daughter. My mom then held onto the doll to give to my daughter one day. When my daughter was 18 months old, my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She passed away a little less than a year later. For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, I gave her a special present from Grandmom Angel – the Raddedy Ann doll. She sleeps with the doll and insists on holding it some nights to keep away bad dreams. To her, it’s a something special that came from her grandmother.


    1. Jessica:

      You needn’t have heirlooms to have a highly-prized posession. Perhaps it’s a personal attribute, such as dignity or honesty. It could be a dream, a vision, a goal that keeps you grounded and motivated, it could be a memory. If I had no trinket to write about, I believe the posession I would prize most highly would be my liberty.

      Be at peace,



  2. My most meaningful possession is my ragged stuffed polar bear i received on my first Christmas. There is a picture of me crawling towards teddy and the little piggy bank. Teddy has been with me through many things: the death of a boyfriend, difficult childhood memories, job loss, etc. When I look at Teddy, i feel secure, and I also feel a sense of excitement, as I think of an image of me crawling towards something. Once I left teddy at an elderly woman’s house in Greenville, NC. I had been living in the upstairs part of the woman’s house while i attended college. The elderly woman took the time to find out my new address and mailed teddy back to me. I’m glad Teddy is still with me. I know we will go on many new adventures together.


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