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  1. I’m a T.V. remote. My job is pretty tough. I have people pressing my buttons all day long. When i first started it was fun. It tickles a lot. But after a while it was annoying. I have been pressed by good hands and bad. One hand that was pressing me had a big wart on there thumb. Someone once had sticky had and i don’t want to know why. Every once in a while someone takes my old battery’s out and replaces them. It hurts man. It’s like a little sliver stuck in you and then they yank it out.


  2. Everybody stars at me. Then they laugh, and cry, get scared, or look board. And after hours of staring the shut me off. Then if they cant hear me they turn me up. Sometimes the even push my buttons. Im black and gray. They cheer and yell at me, they throw things at me. This black box controls everything I do. People are rude if your a Tv.


  3. I’m a pig. Slowly a hunter comes up to me with a knife I already knows what he’s thinking “Come to me so I can have your pork.”. I have know where to
    go. Trap between a rock and a hard place. The hunter dives for me with the knife! It was to late for me. With the knife in my ribs.


  4. I am a computer people type on me they post blogs too. People have accounts on me and some face chat and text each other. They have finger prints all over my screen. They even sometimes drop me on my head.


  5. Back onto that subject most cats don’t want to be in water but me I love wata and I love pools and bathtubs but I can’t because the parents won’t let me but when I get the chance I leap into the bathtub with that stinky baby
    and I love it


  6. I’m a Book, people always check me out at the library during that time I get dropped on the floor, sometimes I get stained or I get smashed between stuff or even shoved in a locker.


  7. I am a great dane i am so tall almost taller than a person at a full grown age. I see a bunch of grass surrounding me like I’m a famous celebrity. A whole bunch of people walking on the sidewalks all calmly while doing there shopping having fun,and jumping around with pure joy while I’m just sitting there in my boring old kennel.


  8. Reblogged this on khooperclark and commented:
    I am a bird and I think that it is awesome. First I get to fly wherever I want. I am also a beautiful color.
    What I don’t like about being a bird because I have to go to the bathroom outside and I sleep in a tree.
    I think being a bird is bitter sweet.


  9. My person loves me a lot. I know this because she saved me from a hutch in the rspca’s place. I was one and now I am 15yrs old. And although she does love me dearly she does not get up early enough. I need to have breakfast at 5am and for some reason she just does not get it. I use my tray and do a bit of howling in the kitchen. Then a bit of meowing in the bedroom followed by jumping up and walking around her pillow, accidently on purpose treading on her head. Now my other person goes a bit mental-chicken-oriental so I get two of them telling me to shut, the something or other, up. but at least my shenanigans have worked- they are awake! It doesn’t take my main person long to give in and get me a bit of food. She needs to go to management classes if her moods at that time in the morning are anything to go by. We won’t be on the balcony today as the weather looks a bit crap. But I ‘ll let you know what plans she has to entertain me tomorrow, she is quite good. She knows her place. She is lucky to have me as I am quite good looking , short black hair, my coat is nice and shiny which I keep very clean. Small oval paws, nice shaped face with lovely eyes. We live in a flat now. They sold their house in Tunbridge Wells, it had a lovely garden which I miss so they owe me a lot really.I need to go now as my dinner is ready, speak to you tomorrow…..Puss


  10. Reblogged this on Ramblingsofahomeschoolmomma and commented:
    I love her, but she is nuts!!

    One minute she is talking to me like a baby, giving me nose kisses and the next she is yelling at me for peeing in the floor!

    But I love her!

    She takes me outside to potty twelve times a day and always gives me a treat even when I don’t go pee pee!

    But she yells when I chase the cat!!

    She turns into a ninja on crack when i go near the road. And spanks me but always give me a kiss and tells me she loves me.

    She feeds me and gives me water, washes my blankets and always buys we new toys.

    But she’s loud and moody, but cooks and gives me leftovers.

    I hate that she don’t let me on the couch cause she says she just cleaned and I will get hair on it!

    And she gripes about having to sweep and mop up my messes everyday.

    But she loves me!

    I may not like it when she makes me sleep in my kennel at night but I listen and go to sleep.

    She may be crazy but I love her! She’s my mommy and I’m her doggie!!


  11. Do you know what really pisses me off are the lazy and selfish people who decide that they have the God given right to place a pingback onto my new post. Six pingbacks have been place on my latest post and not a single comment, how lazy can one get. So each of the six went into the trash.
    Play the game people NO COMMENT NO PINGBACKS you know its not that hard to write a comment is it. So you have wasted your time ahd I had to spend my time deleting the pingbacks.


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