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  1. If a moment in time could be stopped, I would tweak back a moment in time forty three years ago so it never happened. We were young, my stomach was swollen with a new baby due anytime, and a little boy almost five; we were all enjoying a moment together; happy that all the things we wanted to happen were coming true. Our anniversary was the next day, and we were so in love. He had been showing our son how to swing on the vines hanging from the trees that grew on our piece of land. He brought our son back to where I was standing, held my belly; kissed me and told me how much he loved me. He went back for the final tree to be pulled down, a small sapling; and tied the rope to the tree and to the back of the tractor. He got back on the tractor, gave me the peace sign and pulled the final tug on the rope. In a second, the tractor reared up, its powerful back wheels pulling the tractor to a horizontal position, then completely over. My happiness, my life, was caught under the tractor and was killed instantly. After all these years, I would like to take that moment back in time so he would be here for this moment in time.


  2. Reblogged this on The Daydreamer and commented:
    Could have used that one still moment to study more for my freakin chemistry exam.

    I’ve always had this fantasy that if only I could stop time, given that I’m not frozen with it, I could do everything I need to accomplish (read: the tedious stuff, tasks, chores) within that one frozen moment, and then once I accomplish everything I would let time move again, and voila, I have finished all my work without wasting an ounce of Real Time. Or you know I could freeze time and catch up for lost sleep in that glorious frozen moment then wake up and time moves again and everyone marvels at my sudden change from sleep-deprived zombie to a blooming, healthy, fresh human being. And no one will know. God, I could almost be a superhuman if I had that power, people wondering why I never get tired or spent. Although, after much thought, I think I might age faster. I mean, everything will stand still around me but of course, I won’t, so my bodily processes would keep on going and going. I could perhaps spend 24 hours in one moment of Still Time, and up all those Still moments and by the end of the month, my body would have aged by a year or more. The price to pay for meddling with time.

    Ah, so much speculation with the mechanics of time control. Sadly, no extra time can help me love chemistry at all. Now I should stop wasting time and get back to chem -_____-


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