“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

Thanks for the great idea, Zen A.!

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  1. My Six “Impossible” Beliefs are:
    1. That God could care about someone like me. (But He does)
    2. That carbs are basically better for me than protein. (split vote on this one)
    3. That the Detroit Tigers will repeat as American League Champions (They need to learn that games in April count as much as games in September)
    4. That the Detroit Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup in this strike-shortened season (They are starting to peak, but odds are against them)
    5. That a cure for cancer is around the corner (One can only hope and pray)
    6. That I will complete my weight-loss journey- 65 pounds to go!


  2. 1. Somewhere in this world dragons and elves still exist.
    2. When you are at you’re breaking point, you will find a solution if you just adjust your thinking.
    3. Traveling is the most wonderful thing in the world.
    4. I will have a week where everything goes right.


  3. True democracy…
    True love…
    True friendship…
    True equality…
    True freedom of speech…
    The power of the ordinary person to change things…

    Dreams… maybe…
    But I believe we can acheive whatever we want in life, if we want it enough, if we fight for our beliefs, our rights, our love…

    It’s up to you, make the impossible come true…


  4. The sky is the limit – if – you work for it. Some times you are knocked down; but, so what – makes you tougher for the next knockdown. And – attitude – what is that? A lot of people think it is something you eat. Life is a journey and it is what decisions you make – that take you where you end up. !


  5. Whoa, no way… I thought this blog did away with daily posts when I used to participate a few years back. :O Guess I’ll have to start visiting again and start answering a couple of these questions!


  6. So many things… I could have written all 64 that are present on my to-do list today but chose the top 3 that have stayed on top for over 4 months. One of them has been there for more than 12 years!


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