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  1. Ahh, castles in the air, aery castles, stuff that dreams are made of. Ahh, “but what dreams may come when we have shaken off this mortal coil…………………..”


  2. Dreams do come!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have patience!!!!!!

    “Hay cosas que no tienen remedio, y son las mas”. Larra




    I) TUCK-ROOM: I relax and watch the storm out an open window, food is spicy and potatoes grow on my sundeck. I’m seated low and look at all the colourful pictures of contented and powerful women, drinking cool smoothies I made earlier that I keep in my eco-fridge.

    2) SELF-PROTECT: A collection of my favourite crystals and energy stones kept around my windows and doors to cut-out any negative energy and a shrine with all my favourite items. The walls are simple but my doors are elaborate.

    3) SAUNA-TECH: Time to communicate when nobody is around. I organise my health store items and charge my accessories, bathing in cool waters…relax.

    4) SECOND-SLEEP: I’m the queen of the castle. My furniture, only a fold-out bed/couch facing north and next to it an expensive lamp with a collection of interesting books. I sage the room and late at night I relax sketching on my drawing pad, inspired by all the paintings of famous women throughout history.

    5) BALCONY-LIFE: I relax, close my eyes and imagine I’m in the country surrounded by sweet smelling herbs and wafts of lavender. At night I’m lighting safe cathedral candles next to a shared bottle of wine on a shared hammock with cotton pillows.


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