Daily Prompts Return to The Daily Post!

Y’all were pretty clear when you took our survey last month: you miss the daily writing prompts we used to publish. Well, be careful what you wish for: daily prompts are coming back!

Starting today, The Daily Post will feature a new prompt every weekday. The prompts are meant to jump-start posts on your own blogs on days when you need a little boost, so we’re going to close comments on them—if you’ve got something to say, post something! (Comments are open on this post, if you’ve got feedback for us.) If you publish a post based on a prompt, feel free to use the postaday or postaweek tag to make it easy for other Daily Posters to find.

We want you to get involved in coming up with ideas and questions as well as answering them–head up to the “Submit a Topic” link in the menu and pick “Submit a Prompt” to make a suggestion. If we use yours, we’ll credit you. (And we expect a post out of you!)

Let’s dive right in! Here’s your prompt for today:

Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

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  1. I think the most precious things I’ve ever lost is relationship. My mother parented by divide and control, which severely strained sibling relationship Having moved so often it’sbeen difficult to maintain relationships with wonderful people I’ve met along the way. (Currently I am in a stable living situation and am enjoying the flowering friendships that are blooming.)


  2. WordPress,
    On a rainy Tuesday, long time ago, Le Clown lost his ego. It disappeared, without notice. It took many months of therapy to find it back. Now I feed my ego on a daily basis. We’re BFF.
    Le Clown


  3. To date, the greatest loss to me has been my naivety – life was so much sunnier with it hanging ’round.

    Based on my previous work with the elderly however, the good (?) news is that at a certain point you are able to gain a portion of it back.


  4. As a…suggestion, perhaps you can reiterate the tag in each daily post where we can find other’s blogs on this subject/topic/whatever. Some of us are new to Daily post or have poor memories. 😀


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