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  1. I once had the option of choosing between attending either one of two success seminars or a wedding.
    One of the seminars had a huge ticket fee, the other was free and the wedding was ofcourse a wedding.
    I finally went for the wedding and I still have no regrets! 🙂
    Maybe I should make it into a post, if I can afford the luxury.
    Thanks for reviving those memories.


  2. What immediately came to mind was finally choosing to get married. I was the old maid in my crowd during the years when if you didn’t get married out of high school, you went to college to find a mate. I guess I was picky. I didn’t marry until my thirties. We were introduced by Brutus, my husband’s dog, a Boxer we called the Sheriff of Central Park as he ruled Dog Hill. He saw his mission keeping other dogs from fighting.

    Brutus chose me from a crowded beach at a singles beach community called Kismet. and I knew almost immediately he was on target. I started crocheting my wedding dress two months after the first meeting. We three–David, Brutus, and me, lived together for two years and then married. Somethings you pick because you know it is what you are destined to do.


    1. I love this story. My dog Blondie is loved by everyone in our apartment building. If it came to a choice of who will leave, the people would wish me farewell and keep Blondie. She’s a little Norfolk terrier mix, whose rust-colored fur has all turned golden. Low on the ground, sturdy and strong, she keeps me going, even if it’s a little late for romance, for me. My love is for all, and for my two arts of writing and painting, to finish my lifework in both.


    1. This post scares me, as parent whose son started with the “harmless” pot, as a teen, and ended up still addicted, dying at 54 in a crisis center. I pray that people with the brain disorder of addiction, as that is what it is, do not stumble into “having a fix” as a habit on pot, and then go on to worse and worse sources of that, until they can go no more. See a neurologist’s description of why the actor who played Truman Capote had no choice when it finally came to taking his own life–his brain disorder was in control, due to drugs he had taken. Even withdrawal, which is what my son was trying to do–is deadly to the brain when things like Crystal Meth are in control.

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  3. Jobs.. coffee shop: too easy.
    bank: too dull.
    artist: too poor.
    gallery director: too detached.
    design studio: too far from home.
    …journalist: just right. 🙂


  4. Аз не разбирам каква е точно темата , но прочетох коментарите. Моето скромно впечатление е, че хората искат да споделят и да бъдат подкрепени в своя живот от приятели. Това е нормално . Но смея да твърдя, че въпреки голямата възможност за комуникация, ние се чувстваме все по- самотни,че 21 век е време на самотата .Може би и аз затова съм в интернет…. Изглежда загубихме способността да общуваме на живо. До нови срещи, приятели!


  5. Daily is so confusing for people outside the EST time zone! I live in Cairo so the end of my day is the start of yours and you close comments by the time I get to add anything… so, I know this was last week’s daily prompt (you guys need to work on the ‘daily’ part, eh?), nonetheless, I shall post it and hope you may enjoy it:

    “You Know, the Chic Who Used to Blog on WordPress”


  6. is it bad that i don’t remember anything about golielocks? i read this and thought, what the hell is goldielocks? all i know is it’s one of those stories that they preoccupy children with. i can’t base this on fact. i guess when you’re insane with endlessly rapid thoughts, you have to make room for the important things in your memory.


  7. oh no, it’s going to bother me endlessly know that there is a typo in my comment. i’m going to have a lot of anxiety from this. and if i had to say anything felt “just right” i feel like that with this blog site, so far. i’ve only had it for two hours and i’ve been blogging for eight years.


  8. My goldilocks moments seem to slip by almost unnoticed – I don’t realise the magnitude of the choice I have made until some time later…self defence maybe?


  9. I see the prompts are still not being published. 98 bloggers like, 22 comments, and 10 responses! This system has been behaving badly for a month now.
    Sorry to vent, but 30 days straight of having my posts not show up is odd!


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