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  1. Having just started blogging about gaining financial literacy and mastering your finances – a topic EVERYONE seems to have an opinion about, but with lots of areas to make really fundamental mistakes,

    I followed advice from the ‘Zero to Hero’ tips and searched out related blogs and left my first comment – got a really great reply and hopefully the start of an interesting conversation.

    Yep, will definitely do it again… wait a minute…I’ve just done so!


  2. I recently got a random urge to paint… a neighbor of mine gave some supplies and… I went for it! It came out BRILLIANTLY! Who would have known I had an artist in me? I would definitely do it again given the right too;s, atmosphere, ect


  3. I’ve spent most of my life out of my comfort zone. Feels strange to me when I can just take it easy. I used to get weekend headaches when I took a whole weekend off.


  4. Not sure if this counts, but I’m planning to up my ante in 2014. I’m setting some writing goals which I hope will get me some freelance writing gigs. It’s out of my comfort zone because I tend to be a free spirit who doesn’t follow goals that easily. I try to be very Stephen Covey about things, but sometimes I veer off and go with whatever catches my attention of the moment.

    Notwithstanding–and surprising enough–I’ve managed to be a devoted wife and mother. 🙂


  5. I started my career as a teacher but soon found that it wasn’t for me. After lots of soul-searching, I became a technical writer (I *know* it doesn’t sound like what you’d pick after soul-searching) and loved it. So I really hold teachers in the highest esteem, though. It isn’t easy!! You have to do lesson plans, grade papers, etc., and wake up in the morning with enough positive energy to motivate kids. And I’m not a morning person. 😉


  6. I am a nature photographer and have no experience taking “professional” pictures of people. A family from church hired me to take their Christmas card pictures and they turned out nicely!


  7. The new brought a new challenge for myself. I had always wanted to blog, but wasn’t sure if I could do it. Well here I am and while i am still learning, I’m making progress. With stepping out of your comfort zone people will enlighten themselves with new tasks to accomplish.


  8. I am endeavoring to maintain a photoblog this year with WordPress. I have much to learn and am following you daily as my schedule allows. Thanks for the prompts!


  9. I’m not adventurous at all, i’m a beach holiday person. Late last year my boyfriend and I went to Jordan to visit Petra. Long days, in a ‘not so safe’ area, walking, and basically having an adventure. I absolutely loved it, and we’re doing it every year – it’s opened my eyes, and it’s enabled me to know that I can do the ‘rough and ready holiday’.

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