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  1. This is actually for the Daily Prompt: This is Your Song. For some reason the comments were closed on that daily prompt so I could not share my link but I REALLY wanted to share this post so I will share it here and look for when they open the comments up for the song daily prompt (whats up with that by the way??)
    Here is my contribution
    let me know what you think if anyone gets to read it


  2. First, this is a great prompt! Thank you.
    Second, my blog began as a place for me to place book reviews-one of my joys…reading and growing from the experience. I have since then made it into a place to help others grow and know that for change, it takes only one positive person/place/thought/action, to make a difference.


  3. I want my blogsite (still under construction) to convince, inspire, and motivate a significant portion of a 25 million-strong group of American men and women to make a (free) personal sacrifice, their anonymity, to end the circular cultural debate about abortion and to use their collective political power to spur quantum advancements in contraception so that by the end of the 21st century, virtually every pregnancy will be intended and human suffering will be dramatically reduced.

    In short, I want to offer up new tools to 25 million people that they can heroically use to change the world in their lifetime.

    I want my blogsite to be a “shout out” that causes an avalanche.

    I want my child to live in a more humane world.


  4. I want my blog to help people who are too busy in their life..wait and explore the true meaning and zing of life. I want people to appreciate the gift of life and live it to the lees..!


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