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  1. I hope my blog will help increase awareness with respect to chewing gum pollution. Gum pollution has become a worldwide problem that costs millions of dollars, wastes millions of gallons of water and can kill small animals. I would like to encourage everyone to be responsible for their gum litter and make littering “our responsibility”.


  2. I blog because I like to sharing the experience of being a woman. That woman being one who is somewhere between young and old, and can’t legitimately play with Barbie anymore. If there’s a change I’d like to see in the world, it’s that women are fully armed with the information needed to make informed decisions about the buffet of anti-aging options at our feet. I would like vanity not to be a dirty word, yet restore dignity to the wrinkle. To me, the beauty rhetoric is split beween the two extremes of feminism and fashion; I’d like to think there’s perspective somewhere in the middle.

    Most importantly, all this needs to be wrapped up in fun. Life’s too short for us to take nail art and Botox that seriously.



  3. I would like my blog to inspire people to take action and really get serious about orphans — whether it be here or abroad, in time, money, advocating, educating, adopting… Each of us have unique talents and abilities to share. Kids deserve to have families who love them. And I hope through my blog I can inspire others to work in orphan care.


  4. I have five blogs, but the most important is Full of life, which is about how to banish loneliness. If I can start people on the road to overcoming their chronic or existential loneliness, I reckon that’s not a bad thing.


  5. I believe in love and laughter,if the whole world would come to know that through my,I could die anytime knopwing I have accomplished a lot.


  6. I want to inspire others to teach abroad. If teaching isn’t their thing, then I want to at least be the inspiration they need to pack their backpack and purchase a ticket – whatever the reason may be!


  7. I want to entertain and inspire people with my stories, and grow as a storyteller. WordPress is helping me flex my writing muscles.


  8. I would like people in America to understand what its like being unemployed in america and to come to the realization that its a crisis. Unity is a must to get this country back on its feet again.


  9. I would like my blog to inspire people of vast amounts of wealth to give up the fear of not maintaining control and help reshape our existence by setting the ultimate example of change for the better. Throughout history, as far as I know, greedy, fearful people have been guiding the hand of too many of the controlling forces in our daily lives.

    Does it really make sense that it has become accepted to make controlled substances illegal, yet our government makes it ok to manufacture meth-amphetamines and prescribe it to children for their “ADD” or “ADHD”?

    Is it really ok to spend billions of dollars a year to kill people in other countries to set an example? (Of what, That My government’s got a bigger penis?! seriously people!! Wake up!)

    People will always react and fight to protect their dignity.. My subtle recommendation is to stop giving them a reason to fight. Stop trying to make life harder than it has to be. Be a grown-up, apologize profusely pay the piper with an alternative to killing and start showing people how to co-exist..

    Why were we allowed to screw over the economy for a handful of people to capitalize on the pointed real estate meltdown..

    I could go on but I will stop there.. I just want to see a little change for the better. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve had to deal with the blunt force of being kicked to the bottom of the financial totem pole when I am fighting to get to the top, only so that I can make a change in the daily lives of people for the better. With absolutely no ulterior motive.



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