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  1. I would like people to write down their goals and live them. Make your life better everyday by doing something that is moving forward and reaching a goal. The smallest change I could inspire is to stop people from using the make up testers on the counters on their face. Come on people be that change.


  2. i would like for my blog to inspire women.. that are struggling to push through. to motivate, to see that they are not alone… single mom’s have it tough and it’s not often that the struggles are discussed… i do it for me… i do it for them. i wish i knew a few women experiencing some of my same challenges.


  3. Great question! I aspire for my blog to feed people. Feed them with positive messages and entry points to improve themselves, as well as our greatest community.


  4. I like many other bloggers would like to inspire and motivate others to see and get a feel for the things we often take for granted which are ; nature’ s beauty and the will and power to leave at least a small track of our foot steps behind .I would like to especially motivate and inspire others to breathe life in a harmonious place where all of us incorporate our thoughts , feelings art and inspirational stories to share with the rest of the world at large


  5. I would like my blog to reveal information that is sometimes mis-interpret the wrong way. This information if not taken the right way could “ruin” a person’s life instead of helping the person. I hope my blog helps someone not to make the same mistakes that I have made in life, and having the correct understanding can make our lives so much better. I want to be a change, however, I want my blog to help make changes to certain issues that will cause us to live the change for the better. I want my blog to help get rid of “ugly bully issues” that hinder our lives.


  6. This is an interesting prompt because one of my favourite quotes is “You must be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Ghandi)”. I truly believe that we all need to try and make positive changes in our lives so we can influence others in a positive way. On November 10th, I wrote a post called, “YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE”, which touches on the subject of change. I hope that my blog will help influence people to make some positive changes in their own lives so they can be a positive role model and a good example to their families, friends, co-workers and in their communities.


  7. I hope to inspire others to consume less, think more, see beauty in the most simplest of things, stop being afraid of change. Encourage re-using, recycling and start thinking second hand. Try to cook or bake – it’s actually fun. Eat well, on less. Decorate with ‘junk’. See beyond what advertisers want you to believe and most importantly, to remind others you don’t need as much as you think – money isn’t everything. Sure it helps, though a lot of people could live on less, if they consumed less, wanted less… We have more stuff and less time, more money yet less peace, we work more and play less with our children…life is short, make it lovely – for everyone – by being true to yourself and respecting the planet and its’ finite sources; it’s the only one we have. Less truly is more.


  8. Even if a handful of readers learn to differentiate good art from bad via establishing what’s good art for them, I’d be satisfied. If a handful more will learn something that will help them progress as artists, I’d be thrilled.


  9. I saw this prompt after I posted my blog today, which coincidentally was about change: Change can only happen within, so I can only hope that my blog will help people along the way when they decide to change their lifestyle to being healthier, as well as having a positive attitude about life.


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