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  1. Funny how phrases make their way into our collective consciousnesses! We used “Be the change” in a fund-raising campaign for wells in Africa about two years ago, so I guess it’s working!

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  2. I would like to see my Blog inspire, motivate, entertain and show other Bloggers that one person can truly make a difference in the vast world that we inhabit…


  3. I would like my blog to help me be a better part of the world, to find an outlet and appreciation for the stories and feelings in my head.


  4. My blog is an extension of me. If, through one of my posts, photographs or quotes, I can touch just one person and help them awaken on their journey of life, I have done what I set out to do. Live like a tree. Take root and reach for the sky!


  5. I would like my blog of abuse as a child , as a survivor of an attack from being stabbed 21 times.Then building a successful career to inspire others to not give in to horrible circumstances. To rise above all adversity with love in your hearts.


  6. I would like to play a small part in alleviating someone’s mind numbing fear of whatever disease or condition they have with sound advice sprinkled with humor. For only then will they be ready to move forward and tackle it in a positive way.


  7. What a great question, and the allusion to Ghandhi just makes it better. Clearly, I’d like my blog to interest people, etc., but making an actual change in the world seems a bit above my pay grade.


  8. I was going to say “absolutely none!” After giving it some thought, blogs are mainly to serve the blogger’s ego in some way. This doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing. I blog out of boredom and a desire to share some things. I enjoy that others like (or not) what I write. In my case, I have enjoyed the weekly challenges the most since I began doing those. It takes a little thought to find the right photo for a challenge or the right words for a story. It is all about sharing. And, it can be done anonymously. My sharing has limits.


  9. I’d like to spread a little good cheer, a little interest in the quirkiness of the universe we live in, a chance to look at things that might not be noticed. I don’t have grand ambitions, but I do think that happiness can reseed itself like dandelions and brighten the world with little splashes of color.


  10. I would like people to realise vegetarians do not eat meat, chicken, fish or shellfish.

    I would like people to understand that feminism is not about deriding men or having hairy legs. It is about respecting women as much as men. And also about women being free to live their life without fear.

    I would like people not to abuse animals. Raping a donkey? Dear me. Who on earth carries out such abusive behaviour?

    I would like people to stop killing each other, especially in the name of spurious wars (WMDs come to mind).

    I would like people to regard and look after old and homeless people, and not consider them a drain on society.

    I write about all of these on my blogs, but I haven’t a clue whether it makes any difference. I wish it did.


    1. I love your comment….how many times have I been offered fish after announcing am a vegetarian?? My husband now just says “We don’t eat anything with eyes” and aside from the few smart asses that point out potatoes have eyes I think it makes our point. I like all your comments and I applaud you for saying them so eloquently.


  11. I would like my blog to inspire people to travel and explore the world through photographs captured during my adventures.

    I would like my blog to encourage people to follow their dreams. Nothing is impossible if you work hard for it.


  12. To acknowledge the reality of life, yet be hopeful, positive and inspire people along the journey. “Life is truly beautiful only if one feels and looks at it such a way even in worst times.”


  13. Perhaps my blog will give others a unique view of some of the things we all share. It may be that my twist on the world is not as different as I think, but if it brings about some introspective thought then it has made some impact on our lives.


  14. I would hope that my blog helps others realize that they are not alone. I write about my past, present, and hopes for the future. I often share my fumbles and try to laugh at myself. I would like to think that someone would read my blog and think that they are not the only one who struggles with both the complex and (sometimes) the mundane.


  15. Oh, the eternal question…why write? In South Africa we remain a polarized society, despite all the rainbow analogies. Rolbos ( ) has at its very core, the desire to stop pretence and posturing – and to start living together in harmony. That’s why so many issues are dealt with: in the hope that humour and a good-natured nudge will get us on our way…


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