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  1. Just recently, while applying to Community College vs a University. CC is very linear with their courses meaning you go in deciding what the one end result will be for your field of work before you even get to study. I decided this time to get my BSc in Computing and Information Systems since I’m interested in a couple aspects of the program I will have more than one option for employment post graduation. CC will give me one field after graduation vs UNI giving me over 10 fields of employment.

    I wont make the mistake again of taking a specific course in a specific field like the last time. I studied Medical Transcription and ended up dreading it. Money wasted but experience gained.


  2. When I was going for my teaching practice. This was like my first job hunting experience. Initially I was this shy girl that wanted everything to be done for, but guess what….I had to go for it myself with no ones help.


  3. It is important not to let the past get in the way of your future. I try not to let my past affect my future decisions because a wrong choice will be made off of insecurities and fears. I let hope for the future and inner strength guide me through life.


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