Work of Art

“Art” isn’t just paintings and sculptures, it can be anything in which we find beauty and meaning — even food. Show us a thing, place, or person that’s a work of art to you.

When someone says “art,” they often use it as shorthand for “paintings and sculptures.” Art is everywhere, though: in nature, in architecture, in literature, and more. It’s anywhere we see beauty and meaning.

For me, it’s in food. The creativity, forethought, and care that went into this beautifully cooked and plated lamb dish takes it from “dinner” to “art”:


Lamb three ways with braised lettuce at Eleven Madison Park, New York City. (Photo by Michelle Weber.)

The just-so placement of the lamb, the sauce, the flowers… in my eyes, it’s as beautiful as a just-so brushstroke. It may have a more ignominious fate than the Mona Lisa — after all, it ends up in my gut, rather than hanging in the Louvre — but my appreciation and enjoyment of these few perfect bites are just as meaningful to me as an afternoon spent contemplating da Vinci.

(What can I say? I really love food.)

This week, share a photo of something that’s art to you. It could be some actual “art,” like a painting by your grandmother or the misshapen but perfect clay sculpture your child brought home from kindergarden, or something most people wouldn’t consider beautiful at all, but that has meaning to you. The important thing is that it’s art in your eyes.

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    1. well I do not love al street art – but “hadorable” – you grabbed some of the best street art I have ever seen – wow – truly works of art –


      1. i do not want to receive any more replies from this post – the link on the bottom of the message does not show where these messages are coming from. I want to unsubscribe from replies from this post, please.


  1. I really hope you’d already half-eaten that dish before photographing it. Anything that looks that beautiful surely tastes divine, in which case I’d want more than two bites.


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