What do you see through yours?

When we take photos, we use all kinds of things to frame our images and get the viewer’s eye to focus where we want it: plants, architectural elements, lighting. You know what else can be a great frame? An actual frame — a window frame.

The harbor in Brindisi, Italy, through the window of a bed and breakfast on Via Regina Margherita.

Your inspiration this week is windows. Use a window to frame your shot. Show us what you see out the window from the place where you usually blog, use a window to give structure to your photo, or make a window itself your subject.

To get more creative, use the glass in a window to add texture to your photo. And if you feel like being metaphorical, go for it! Share an image focused on someone’s eyes (the windows to the soul, dont’cha know), or of a landscape or piece of art that’s like a window to another world for you.

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  1. I keep my blinds closed and I turn on music that I’ve never heard and let my heart and head run wild. 💜 that is a beautiful view. I live in Florida USA and I live 6 blocks from the Sarasota bay, but my views suck. Unless I travel out and about which I do often.


  2. Dedham Vale – the Constable country; the Stour river – borderline between Essex & Suffolk counties of East Anglia.


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