This week, show us the effect of time and the elements.

Photo by Krista.

On an unseasonably warm November evening, I had the chance to walk around Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District. There are 20 city blocks which date back to 1881, a time when Winnipeg, Manitoba was the fastest-growing city in North America. As the sun set, it cast the buildings in a warm glow and I had to capture these old, weathered signs.

Photo by Krista.

I look at these relics from the past and wonder what they’ve been witness to over the years: from horses and buggies, to buses and cars. From trilbies and fedoras, to baseball caps and beanies. They’ve survived decades of sun, wind, rain, storms, and even floods. I love how the typefaces evoke different eras in time, a reminder that there’s beauty to be found in the ephemeral and impermanent.

How will you interpret weathered? Will you capture a lined, smiling face as you practice street photography? A piece of beach glass worn smooth by the waves? A snow-covered path carved by the wind? Have fun with your interpretation!

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  1. Those are fantastic signs, Krista! They remind me of ‘ghost buildings,’ where the outlines of torn-down buildings are visible om walls of the adjacent buildings that remain.

    My submission this week shows some effects of age on a Great Blue Heron. If you look closely at her leg and foot and toes, you can see what I mean;

    Best, Babsje

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