This week, let’s keep things nice and cozy.

If you’re like me, living in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, this is the season where we seek out small pleasures to compensate for the short days and chilly weather: fireplaces, down comforters, hot chocolate (or glühwein, if we must…).


From indoor pools to heated sidewalk cafés, we’ve built entire spaces dedicated to the preservation and celebration of warmth — like the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver, Canada, pictured above. On a cold winter day, there’s something pleasantly surreal about entering this dome-shaped space and being hit with heat and humidity levels you’d expect on a tropical island, not to mention the sight of palm trees and giant, colorful parrots.

If you’d like to learn more about the technical aspect of color temperature in photography, be sure to check out this post from our Craft of Photography series.

Whether you live on my side of the planet or in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoying real heat on the beach or in your yard, show us your take on warmth. You can go from the literal (saunas! scarves! steaming cups of tea!) to the figurative (the embrace of family members coming together for the holidays, the look of affection on your pet’s face, or even just a photo with a particularly warm color palette, no matter its subject matter).

I look forward to seeing your photos!

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  1. Warmth can be found in so many ways, and you documented them so well. I prefer to be comfortably inside with amazing white snow outside while I am sitting with my fiancé looking out at the beautiful outside. The north east (Buffalo,) requires warmth found not only in physical items like the down comforters mentioned, but also the love from many people around.

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