Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.

Image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

From the interior walls of our home, to our book club’s Facebook wall, to the community bulletin board at the local market, walls are the canvases of our lives: where stories are read, voices are heard, ideas are shared. Much can be revealed from the items on a wall, from old postcards to long-forgotten flyers.

A wall of flyers in the historic district of Macau.

While exploring the old town of Macau, I passed a storefront covered with an assortment of flyers: advertisements, notices from activist groups, event announcements, art, and more. And if I came away with anything from my 48 hours there, it was that Macau was a place of many influences, from Portuguese to Chinese and much more, all of which were reflected on this wall.

This week, consider the walls you’ve erected and decorated, the halls you walk down each day, or the exteriors you’ve ignored or neglected. What do these walls reveal about a place, people, or you?

We look forward to seeing your walls from all over the world.

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  1. c’est magnifique (notre regarde est tous de suite captivé) , j’aime beaucoup ces photos,affiches,publicités et cartes postales qui témoignent d’un moment et d’une époque.

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  2. WoW… Lady Serendipity sure is out and about! Macau hasn’t even as much as been mentioned in my life for more years than I care to remember then first, this morning I get a potential job offer in the place and then you post a photo taken in Macau… is this a good omen? Let’s hope!! 😉

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