Share a snapshot that shows a sense of waiting.

Photo by <a href="https://cherilucasrowlands.com/">Cheri Lucas Rowlands</a>

Editor’s note: there will be no photo challenge next week. It will resume the following Wednesday (September 20).

A photograph often captures the moment — the exact second that two lovers kiss on a street corner, or a gymnast extends both legs in mid-air into a perfect split, or a hummingbird hovers over a flower to drink its nectar. But some of my favorite images are quiet and still; they focus on the moment before the action and capture the anticipation, or the rumination, or the calm before the storm.

Each time I return to the English countryside of Kent — my home overseas — I go on walks with my mother-in-law’s dog Dylan, a swift, clever, black-and-white Whippet and Border Collie mix. I throw sticks into the fields surrounding our family’s home, and Dylan zooms to catch them, blazing trails through the tall grasses.

While it’s fun to see him run around, I love even more to watch him in those moments before he takes off: when his ears are perked and his body is tense, and he waits for me to throw another stick.

For this challenge, show us what waiting looks like to you. There are so many angles and interpretations — we look forward to seeing yours!

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