“Twist” is filthy with meaning: it’s the unexpected, it’s surprise, it’s even an amazing ice cream choice. What does “twist” mean to you?

See, Hear, and Speak Evil Photo by Krista Stevens

I love street art. I often find that the beauty and essence of a place is captured in how local people decorate the spaces around where they live. Mexico, you did not disappoint.

Photo by Krista Stevens

See, Hear, and Speak Evil (Photo by Krista Stevens)

On a recent trip, I was delighted to stumble on a graffiti series gracing the construction barrier on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This fun twist on “hear, see, and speak no evil,” captivated my attention. I couldn’t help but capture it before strolling on down the beach on that beautiful, scorching hot day.

This week, share a photo of something that says “twist” to you. It might be that perfect ice cream cone, a yummy bit of liquorice, or something unexpected that surprised, shocked, or startled you.

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  1. Great subject Krista! This one may be a bit more challenging than the more obvious ones. And exactly why I love these challenges. 🙂


  2. Great challenge! I have a lot of material to choose from.

    WordPress, here’s an idea:
    I think it could be a good idea to reverse the chronological order of the comment section in these Weekly Photo Challenges. The way it is now, the ones that comment first are always on top, which generates more visits to their blogs than to the ones that comment later during the week.

    If the chronological order was reversed, I believe it would generate more clicks to the late arrivals and that way spread it more evenly.


    1. Agreed, it would also be nice if the entries/comments opened in a new tab when you clicked on it. That way you never navigate from the page and can click on other entries too without having to hit the back button.


    2. I agree totally with you. And living in Australia it’s impossible to post early because the challenge comes out sometimes in the middle of the night to Saturday. 😦


      1. Thanks. Here it’s posted during Friday afternoon, so the timing is good for us: at least we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night if we want to be ‘early birds’. 😀
        Have a great weekend!


      1. Criss-crossing sunbeams – brilliant!
        … many thanks to Why? Matters!, WordPress users and “likers”: the alchemist, thehappyhugger, Cee Neuner, Jean’s Photography, lumar1298, KG, Madhu, Angelibarra, Michael Lai, graphicrealestate, Queenie, shail, floriandeutsch, Anna, la chica de la burbuja, Uncle Spike, suneuys, Raconteur, psychomaticallyinlove, youarethepassenger … on previous posts: Gerry C., Vladimir Brezina, jujufilms, Kongo, sustainabilitea, brokenlightcollective, the seeker, bumblepuppies, psychosomaticallyinlove, deniselbaltrow; … Nature on the Edge, stephaniemartinglennon, joantwarren, Daniel P.K. Ng, cathylass; … stockresearch52, Leanne Cole, coindeparadis, imexcited, robt10aday, judy, mfunkart, parulthakur24, petrus, … moondustwriter, ibuseno, jampang, The Wanderlust Gene, Taikakivi, whichwaynow101, tasteofcolours, the english planner, Belen Soto, Lana, crazyguyinthailand, irisgreenwald, philipcambodia … and in the other blog: matthew992, toemailer… and of the present post: rfljenksy, jujufilms, Sawa Minori, Andrea Giang …
        Here’s the post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted – my sister was vigilant enough to capture on film, or digital pixels, someone a bit environmentally “twisted”, or environmentally challenged – see for yourself at:

        Happy weekend everyone!


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