Picture a day at the beach: luxuriating in the heat of the prairie sun only to run into the lake…

Photo by Krista Stevens

Photo by Krista Stevens

Picture a day at the beach: luxuriating in the heat of the prairie sun only to run into the lake to cool off. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. My boyfriend (now husband) and I walked along the shore that shimmering day so long ago and he discovered something I treasure, half-buried in the sand. This heart-shaped stone has followed us for over 25 years together, through countless days and three house moves. Worthless to anyone else, it’s priceless to me.

photo (27) What do you treasure? What’s most important to you?




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    1. Photo by J, age: 9 years old; elected vice president of the school student council (two years younger than his batchmates); straight A student, choreographer and performer in benefit dance concerts for children with ailments, winner in science, math, and chess competitions, carer of Argo, the rescued pup, apple of Myra’s eyes, a loving child, now a budding photographer —
      it’s the photographer and not the post, the singer and not the song — J is our treasure, and this is our entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure at (pls click):

      A weekend full of treasure, everyone!


  1. Wonderful challenge, and I love your story. I collect stones from beaches, and I have a few that are especially important to me. My favorite is the one I gave to a friend a few months ago; he carries it everywhere calling it his “lucky rock.”


  2. Love your story, Krista. Both pictures make me smile. I’ll join in too (for my first photo challenge) this weekend!

    Do most folks post a single photo or multiple? Or does it matter? -Christy


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