For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Let life itself be your muse.

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

Change is inevitable in most things; very few things in life are static. This year, in my home state of Ohio, Mother Nature has treated us to autumn colors more spectacular than we have seen in a while, and I have a shrub in my front yard whose leaves transition from summer greens to autumn ruby at different rates. The result is a beautiful gradient of color on a single tree.


For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Perhaps a photo of your little one’s first steps, as they transition from baby to toddler. A sunset scene, as your world passes from day to night, or waves kissing a shoreline, the space between land and sea.

You may find it easier to depict transition in a series of photos, as a diptych, or even a triptych. In the triptych I’ve shared below, my middle daughter was cheering up a grumpy big sis with some aggressive cuddles. The photos were taken several years ago, and I’ve always loved the way her expression changes through the images.


Major change or minor adjustment, transitions are a constant. Let life itself be your muse.

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  1. Good ones, both. The transformation of the leaves is amazing seen in a sequence like that, and I love the ungrumpifying process!
    Why was the handy one-click system of entering the challenge abandoned? It was really handy.
    (For the benefit those who still prefer the old posting system, it might be an idea to mention that one copies the link shown and pastes it in the body of a new post selecting ‘text’.)


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