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Recently, I was chatting with a friend about a trip he’d taken. He’d briefly visited a warm destination from our cold city, escaping the deep pit of Winnipeg’s long winter. He remarked that the first thing he couldn’t help but notice was the volumes of tourists we don’t see here.

Despite the fact that we don’t attract many visitors, there’s still plenty of interesting places and beauty in my town, although you might have to look a little harder to find it. I went deep into the archives of my camera phone to find these three images, ones that are special to me for various reasons.

The J.H. Ashdown Warehouse, the beautiful tree marking the almost-halfway point of my runs, and Main Street and Bannatyne, looking south. Photos by Krista.

On the left, in the back of the photo, is the J.H. Ashdown Warehouse. James Henry Ashdown, also known as the “merchant prince of Winnipeg,” literally helped build much of the city. He bought the land for the warehouse in 1870, and turned it into a thriving hardware business. Today, you can actually live in his legacy, in one of the building’s lofts.

In the center is this huge, beautiful tree I pass on my runs through Assiniboine Park. I happened to catch it at the halfway point as it transitioned to fall color, just a day before the first lasting snow of the season.

On the right is my favorite, if slightly melancholy shot of Main Street and Bannatyne Avenue, looking south. I can still hear the adhesive sound of the car tires on the wet road that day.

And now, over to you. Share with us an image, or two, or three, (or more!) of where you live. For bonus points, tell us what it is about the photo(s) that you love. I can’t wait to go on a fantastic virtual tour of the world, courtesy of photo challenge participants. Away we go!

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  1. Regrettably, I’ve spent no more time in Winnipeg than the drive through on the way from one coast to the other. Being a boy of the mountains, though, prairie cities are kind of fascinating. Like a small manufactured mountain range rising out of the plain. Net time, I’ll have to stay a little longer, you’ve made it seem so inviting. =)

    Still, I do love the mountains and the ocean, which makes the Sea to Sky Highway between my home in Vancouver and my playground in Whistler an absolutely sublime joy to drive.


  2. Hi Krista – Your photos and commentary in this post are thought-provoking and your topic hit home (pun intended.) For several years, there was a blog on WordPress called “Photos Close to Home.” (I don’t think it is active any longer.) His premise was that the photographer could learn and practice any photographic techniques without venturing far afield. There’s more than a small amount of truth to be found there.

    Anyway, here’s my submission for this week:

    Best, Babsje


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