Today Was a Good Day

In a Mesh gallery, show us what makes you happy. Share your ideal day, recount a memorable day in the past, or share your favorite things.

Today Was a Good Day is a special Mesh photo challenge! Check out last week’s post on getting started with Mesh.

You’re not required to use Mesh to participate in this challenge, but we’re actively interested in feedback so we can improve it, so please try it out!

We’ll highlight Mesh galleries in our next Photos We Loved roundup, so if you create one for this challenge, tag your post with meshphotochallenge.

For this week’s photo challenge, select and share a series of photographs. You can piece together what you consider an ideal day, recount a memorable day, tell a (visual) story, or show us some of your favorite things.

I’ve created a mesh gallery highlighting a lovely summer day along the Pacific Coast of the US, full of my favorite things to do: kayaking, hiking along the sea, and exploring the small towns of Northern California.

Now, it’s your turn. Show us what a good day looks like: it might be a family outing to the beach; a crazy day at a recent music festival; a clear afternoon skiing in the mountains; or a quiet weekday doing your usual routine. Bonus points for those who tell a clear story with a beginning and an end.

Display your photos any way you wish: a Mesh gallery, a normal gallery, or a series of images, one after another in your post. If you use Mesh, please tag your post with meshphotochallenge. Have fun!

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      1. Here’s for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day (with advisory to use the app mesh or to submit feedback on mesh): i signed in for the mesh app using WordPress, it required me to authorize mesh to be able to do the following: “View and manage posts including reblogs and View and manage a post’s comments.xxxxView and manage a site’s tags and categories. xxx Follow and unfollow blogs.xxxxView and manage a user’s notifications.” (quoted & copied from mesh).
        i wasn’t sure i wanted to authorize anyone else to manage my posts, tags, categories or the comments on my blog, or to view my email address and my commenters’ contacts info, so i did not use mesh.
        Instead, i used the WordPress gallery app (slideshow).
        hope this feedback is useful
        Here was my day today. there is a typhoon in the Philippines right now:

        Weatherstaff forecast a typhoon
        Neighbor fished before the monsoon
        Revved in mist to head out soon
        Poured on the streets near noon
        Whispering wishes onto the urban lagoon
        Rain, indoors, tea, traipsing with trinkets and runes


        Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I’m a tad confused by this one… I don’t do iphones so I’ll never be able to download an app but none-the-less, I’ll throw in a few galleries of good days!! 😉

    PS – I understand the need for technology tricks and aids but ultimately photography is about the person and the camera… not the person flashing a phone about randomly… ??? Has WordPress gone too far in the direction of the quick fix or easy post??

    I don’t know… and don’t claim to be correct in my assumptions… however, we all have the right to participate or not. Pity though, when we wait for the weekly challenge and then we’re excluded because we’re missing missing technology that we’ll never get.

    OK… rant over… I’ll do my best to participate in my own way. 😛

    Yes… today was a good day!! 😉


    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Pity though, when we wait for the weekly challenge and then we’re excluded because we’re missing missing technology that we’ll never get

      Just to clarify, as I mentioned above, you aren’t required to use Mesh to participate — you can share as you normally would, and we always want to make it easy for anyone to join in, no matter what device they have.

      We’ve posted hundreds of photo challenges over the years — we may have done several “nontraditional” challenges where we integrate iPhoneography or something new, like this app that our team has created (and is proud of). I think it’s important to switch things up, experiment and try new things, and offer these sorts of opportunities and challenges to people who might want to try, *while* still allowing anyone to participate in the usual way.

      I’m also sorry if my gallery of images this week didn’t deliver. I still have my dSLRs but these days, I’m roaming about mainly with my phone. I don’t think all new technologies are easy fixes (in fact, I’m wary of most!), but I think some tools are very capable of still telling effective visual stories.

      I appreciate your comment and am glad that you’ll participate in the way that works best for you. That, I believe, is the most important thing when it comes to our prompts, whether writing or photography-based.

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      1. Hi Cheri, thanks for replying. I’ve looked a little deeper and cannot say I don’t understand where you’re going. All I’m saying, we folk who will steadfastly believe in the camera as our tool of photographic expression, seem to get left behind in the technology race!

        I love WP… my main blog has run consecutive daily posts for almost 4.5 years… so, I’ll keep doing it my way… with your permission. Thanks again, for setting challenges and giving us this fantastic platform!! 😉


  2. When you first announced that you were using a MESH I rushed out to try it. There are problems for web browser users that as far as I am aware still haven’t been resolved. On the post announcing MESH I left a comment/feedback stating some problems and concerns I had which still hasn’t been answered. Here’s a repeat of what I said….

    I used a MESH this week in my blog.


    1. Photographs are cropped by the MESH software into a sort of squareish shape. All of my photographs are landscape orientation. That’s a problem and would dissuade me from using MESH
    2. I’m uncomfortable that anyone can download the photographs. Can you disable that download button.
    3. It looks like the EXIF data is preserved. I downloaded one photograph to check this. Good.
    4. I’ve raised some points through feedback, mainly that I still can’t add captions. Not a deal breaker but it would be nice if it could be done using a font and colour of my choice. Also where I can place the caption and how big it is. I could use this to add a copyright statement if you don’t want to remove the download options.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Cheri – Well, that got the ‘grey matter’ going! Just over thirty minutes to download the app onto my iPhone and get a post onto my WP site. Not bad! Can’t fault the ease of use, but have some questions. Is there a way to tag the posts? I’ve had to go into my laptop to set the categories, and tags. Also there is no subject photo showing up on my front page. I use a slow 3G connection which seemed not to cope with uploading all the photos. But I can see that it will be a very useful app thro’ different platforms.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Took a look at your mesh — thanks for trying it out! (I like the story you told with the captions.)

      From what I can tell, I don’t believe you can tag an image within a gallery (although, I’m not sure if that’s what you meant).

      I’m not sure about why one of your images didn’t load — if you create another one and it happens again, feel free to report it:

      It’s a neat tool to quickly share photos (you don’t have to embed in a post — you can simply share the link with anyone, via email or text, which is handy).

      Anyway, thanks for testing it and for participating this week!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Good question!

      I hope that others will share their own thoughts on this. Personally, I’ve never used the slideshow option (for photo posts, I usually just insert images one after the other in a post, or use the “tiled gallery” option occasionally). I suppose I’ve never really preferred the look of a slideshow (nor the carousel) in a post.

      One thing I like about Mesh is that the embedded gallery looks clean and nice in a post — perhaps it’s the square shape? I’m not sure. I also like that Mesh isn’t necessarily for public sharing / blogging — I actually like it more as a private photo sharing tool. You can send a Mesh gallery link to anyone pretty quickly, which is nice when you want to share pics with family/friends via text, etc. So, it’s handy in other ways besides blogging / public sharing, too.


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