The World Through Your Eyes

The World Through Your Eyes. Earlier this week, photographer Ming Thein gave us an overview of the fundamentals of photography…

Image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands. Taken in Bath, England.

The World Through Your Eyes. Earlier this week, photographer Ming Thein gave us an overview of the fundamentals of photography and talked about observing your subject or scene and what’s needed to create a good photograph. We see many excellent shots out there in which a photographer’s intent is clear: where he or she leads us to the photo’s subject or main focus — using light, composition, and other criteria — and is able to convey what they see in their mind at the moment of capture.

It’s that little extra something in a snapshot that transforms a photograph into something more: a visual interpretation of one’s vision. A story, captured in a frame. It’s that special skill that Ming mentioned — the photographer’s eye.

Some of you are active photographers, while others are only beginning to take pictures. Whatever your skill, we challenge you to take and share a photograph that shows a command of your frame. Lead our eyes somewhere. Make us focus on something.


A few tips reinforcing what Ming taught us on Tuesday:

  • Observe a scene first before lifting your camera to your eye.
  • Ask yourself: What is the subject? What will you (not) include in the frame?
  • Look for natural lines or frames in the shot to guide the viewer’s eye.
  • Try different angles: Get low on the pavement. Look down from above.

cheri lucasWe look forward to seeing the world through your lens!

— Cheri

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      1. Can I just say frizztext above, you always impress me how you are the first to comment every week! You must be hoovering over the daily post button, hope you don’t mind me saying! Just an observation!

        I really want to join in wordpress this week, I will go and capture a picture right now! X


  1. This is a great challenge, and it leads into many directions. When I first read the description, these pictures flashed before my mind’s eyes:
    With reference to this challenge, they may seem a bit radical, but they definitely show the world through my eyes … although we may always be learners when it comes to seeing. Thank you, Cheri!


  2. Since I changed my theme (again) to a sort of photo-bloggy feel, I am planning on pinning some photos on the featured pic. Sounds like an awesome challenge!


  3. I’m a travel photographer and writer who is in love with the Mississippi River. I made a 90-day road trip from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, because 90 days is how long it takes a single drop of water to make that journey. I have just launched a new series of travel moments on my blog “Surrendering to Serendipity.” My goal with every photo is to share something authentic about the person or subject and my own perspective of it/them. Thanks for having a look!


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