This week, share a visual moment of blissful quiet.

It’s mere weeks before the end of 2017. Life is rarely boring, but for many of us, this has been a particularly hectic, nonstop stretch of months, full of breaking (and alarming) news interspersed with our own moments of personal struggle and excitement. So this week, let’s take a deep breath.

I recently went off the grid (well, almost; we did have intermittent cellular signal) during a long weekend up the British Columbia coast. It was only once I was there, surrounded by water, trees, and very few people, that I realized how much I needed a break from the noise of my daily routine. I doubt I could survive in such a peaceful setting for more than a few days — ultimately, I need that noise — but this photo of the Sechelt Inlet, where even the docked boats seem to be taking a quiet nap, has become my personal reminder to slow down every once in a while.

This week, share a photo that represents your take on “serene.” From landscapes to portraits (sleepy cats, anyone?) to a pleasantly abstract wallpaper pattern, any and all interpretations are welcome.

I look forward to a leisurely browse through your photos!

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