This week, share something that satisfies you.

Photo by Jen H.

“Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from doing little things well.” — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I really like office supplies. I like the colors, the designs, and the way they smell, fresh out of a package. I like that they enable me to produce beautiful things, organized things, creative things, necessary things. Even though most people I know use digital calendars, my personal calendar is pencil and paper, and I live by it.

This weekend, I got a new pencil sharpener with titanium — titanium! — blades. I sat at my desk for twenty minutes, sharpening pencils, creating a colorful, perfectly pointy graphite bouquet. The feeling of satisfaction I got from such a simple task was probably absurd to some, but for me, it was enough.

Photo by Jen H.

This week, share a photo of something that brings you satisfaction. It can be monumental, minor, or something in between. We can’t wait to see your contributions.

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    1. I just noticed this post asks for a picture showing what satisfies you. I wrote a post today. My favorite thing to include in my posts are snapshots of text messages from my boyfriend. Some of the things he writes have endless value to me and I like to share them to make my writing more real.

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  1. Remembering that depression is a disease just like cancer and not getting angry with my partner of 10 years and not feeling alone although he’s with me not speaking most of the time.

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    1. I thought about stationary today. My mom had a collection of those pretty papers for love letters way back a a decade or so ago. They smell nice.

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  2. Great Post. I definitely agree with satisfaction through doing little things. Sometimes, I sit near the water, listen to waves and feel the wind. It is the best moment and you feel satisfied with what you have at that moment of life.

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