From the four walls that currently surround you to the infinite potential of space, this week we’d like you to show us your take on room, rooms, or a room.

Like a few other English wordsRoom means two contradictory things. It can be the four walls that enclose us, giving us shelter and comfort but also limiting our movement. It’s also the limitless space into which we can wander and which we can fill — or try to (think about that expression, “room to grow”).

Pine Street. Photo by Ben Huberman.

Right before leaving my apartment in Philadelphia a few years ago, I stopped to give it one last glance before heading out to the rental truck that would take me hundreds of miles away.

My old place felt both bigger and smaller than I’d experienced it with all my stuff in it: at once brimming with, and devoid of all the memories that had been accumulating there for six years. It struck me that these two connected rooms had potential, and a lot of it had been realized. Finally, it was time to move on.

In this week’s photo challenge, share your take on the idea of room — it could be an actual room in your house, a favorite gallery in your local museum, a cubicle at work. You could also take this challenge in a more abstract direction, and show us where you feel like you have room — or lack it.

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  1. Interesting topic! I just moved, so if I write about this, you might be stuck with a picture of boxes. 🙂


  2. Amazing how empty a place looks when all the stuff is gone. What a cool place though, love the flooring….okay…I am thinking about this… Room… I like the possibilities. 🙂


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