Renewal. This word conjures a variety of images, from bright blossoms to meditating monks. When I think of “renewal,” I think…

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas

Renewal. This word conjures a variety of images, from bright blossoms to meditating monks. When I think of “renewal,” I think of starting a new job, arriving in a new city that’s ripe for exploration, walking through a new apartment with white walls, and taking a hot shower after a challenging day. I also recall a trip several years ago to the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon, which is where I took the photograph above. This lone pink flower amongst lily pads makes me feel renewed, fresh, and ready for what’s to come.

I think of beginnings. Life. Opportunity. What images does Renewal conjure for you? Get creative. Think beyond the usual images (a sunrise, a birth). We want to see what else you can come up with.

You may have noticed the changes we’ve implemented recently at The Daily Post, including new features such as blogger profiles, the return of daily prompts, and the blog’s updated design. If you haven’t, poke around and see what’s new. We’re excited about these features and look forward to where The Daily Post is going.

And we hope you’ll continue to follow along — to read each day, to challenge yourself as a writer or artist or thinker, to be open to the paths and possibilities to create and share and learn.

Share a picture that means RENEWAL to you!

Have fun!

— Cheri


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      1. Sure, I’ll do that next time. Thanks for informing. I hope we can have a custom title unlike “weekly photo challenge”, cant we? The tag ‘apostaday’ I understand is necessary.


  1. We’re two 25 year old who moved from California to Nicaragua to start a business that gives back to the schools here. We wanted to start a life of our own that would allow us to incorporate our passions of travel and being entrepreneurs while making a better life for people we meet along the way. A life we could be proud of. It’s a very different life than our old one in Cali, so almost every photo we take is a photo of renewal! It will be tough picking one out, but we’re excited and up for the challenge 🙂
    -Quinn & Jonathon


    1. Great interpretation of the theme, although we’d love it if you created a new post and linked to it here (instead of posting the URL of the image itself)…


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